Data Transformation Data Transformation(1)

Data Transformation

By David KomlosArticles
Data transformation is a contentious issue in many organizations.   Is data an asset or is it an expense? How can we leverage data to drive the business? How can we create advantage from data? What are the implications for the business, from the way we go to market, to e-commerce, ...
Crowdsourcing vs. Co-Creation Crowdsourcing vs co creation(2)

Crowdsourcing vs. Co-Creation

By David KomlosArticles
An overview of the difference between crowdsourcing and co-creation.   Crowd sourcing is for informing. Generally, it takes place amongst a large sample of individuals who are distributed and can be a very effective means for gauging a group or generating a volume of ideas.  ...
Leveraging Co-Creation to Improve Execution Rates Leveraging co creation to imptove execution rates

Leveraging Co-Creation to Improve Execution Rates

By David BenjaminArticles
Time and again organizational leaders have a well-defined strategy and an implementation a plan in place, but they nonetheless encounter challenges when it comes to strategy execution.   Co-creation is the surest way to improve strategy execution rates, fast.   To understand ...
The Implications of Abundant Talent in Business t Syntegrity ImplicationsAbundant v4

The Implications of Abundant Talent in Business

By David KomlosArticles
When you recognize that talent is abundant rather than scarce, and when you recognize the real challenge is how to harness all that distributed talent, that impacts your approach to complex challenges.    Leaders are increasingly demonstrating a new mindset when dealing ...

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